You have already applied to the SMILES school, but did not attach your research poster. You can send it to us via the form below — use the same e-mail, and we will add it to your initial application.

Only with a research poster you will get access to a full range of events within SMILES: fireside chats, speed dating, social events, some lectures, etc.
DO NOT upload your CV — it's not a poster (surprisingly!)
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Who can apply?
SMILES aims to bring together the Russian-speaking Machine Learning community interested in state of the art. Anyone with a personal project or publication on Machine Learning can apply. It includes Ph.D. students, MSc, and bachelor students, as well as members of the industry and faculty. We also welcome applications from candidates from other geographies
When can I apply?
The application opens on Friday the 26th of June and is available until the 02nd of August. We review all applications and send invitations to selected participants on the 10th of August.
What is the poster session?
Posters are a long-standing tradition at summer schools. Selected participants are asked to upload a five-to-eight minute video of their publication or project by the 10th of August. In the video, they briefly explain to the audience the problem statement and the main results of their work.
Why do I need a poster?
We want to showcase and promote your work. We will have fireside chats, speed dating, social events, and other opportunities to discuss your work and discover your peers' projects.
Does my poster need to be new work?
We welcome all types of projects and publications. They can include published work as well as work in progress.
I do not have a poster. Can I still participate?
Online lectures from our speakers will be live-streamed on YouTube, depending on the speaker's agreement. They are open to everyone. Other events are reserved for accepted participants.
Will I receive a confirmation of participation?
Accepted participants will receive at the end of the event a digital document certifying their partipation.